Projects // Love it. // Sydney Contemporary 2015

Do you?

When presented with new ideas or images, our first reaction is to say something - decide and declare how we feel about them, even before we fully untangle them in our minds.

Over the last few years I’ve become fascinated by our increasingly laconic conversations, overuse and finality of superlatives. Thinking about what we see and creating meaning from it is becoming rarer in our everyday lives. Lack of conversations that truly connect us to ourselves and the other, seems like a direct consequence of being part of a culture that raises thumbs to show support, intuitively swipes to answer and constantly asks what’s next?

This work, titled "love it." is an attempt to encourage conversations beyond adjectives. The phrase has been embedded in the large paper mosaic work in a way that can only be seen when one steps away from it. On the other hand, detail of how the work is made is seen only when one comes really close - the work rewards close attention and slow minutes spent with it. This work is rich in visual energy that slows the eye down, encouraging the mind to linger and think about the work in front of it rather than instantly declare an adjective and swipe for next.

Size: 300cm *200cm. Archival safe papers and glue, pine wood panels